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Our Staff

Darlene Angeline, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Darlene has been a Hearing Specialist for many years and believes that when it comes to great hearing healthcare, service and the relationship with the patients are as important as the technology. The greatest compliment Darlene’s patients can give to her is the referral of a friend or loves one. She doesn’t take that lightly and makes it a priority to make each and every patients’s journey as pleasant as possible. Darlene takes pride in building a rapport with her patients, and makes it a point to help make their day better in some way.

Darlene’s friendly personality gives her patients the comfort of knowing that she is someone they can trust. She has dedicated herself to improving the lives of the hearing impaired. She also believes that the quality of a person’s life every single day revolves around their ability to communicate with those around them effectively. The patient’s journey doesn’t end when they have been fit with their hearing aids, because she firmly believes follow-up care and service are crucial to the patient’s success with their hearing aids.

Darlene Angeline, HIS

Kim Brusseau

Patient Services Coordinator

Kim has been with the company for four plus years. She really cares about the patients that come to our office. Our patients are scheduled for appointments on a regular basis so we become very close to them. She has a true love for her work.

Kim Brusseau

Customer Reviews

My mother-in-law went in for the free hearing test they offer. She was so impressed with the testing that was done! Unfortunately she was told she was only hearing at approximately 30 % and at her age she would be much better off with a hearing aid. Well she agreed...

Lynn Cantino, on Google+

Realizing that my hearing was on a big decline, I began to feel the tension of my co-workers. People seem to not enjoy having to repeat themselves. I was fortunate to see an ad for hearing tests given at this clinic. I found a person who made me feel like...

Casey Rooney, on Google+

My husband and I have been visiting All American Hearing for a number of years and have found that they are not only very friendly and accommodating but most importantly, very knowledgeable in the field of audiology! We are always treated as if we are their most important clients, having...

Marilyn Will, on Google+

They are always very pleasant and knowledgeable. One of the few doctor visits I never dread.

John Peterson, on Google+

My hearing has grown progressively weak from years of Truck Driving + Military Service. My ability to follow general conversation was gone to the point that it affected my daily life at home + on the job. Darlene found the perfect Starkey Aid that has restored my ability to engage...


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